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If you are moving to Dubai you are required to obtain a work permit and residency visa. Although you are able to legally buy a Dubai home without these documents your activities in the country will be restricted and you will not be able to stay there. Once you are in receipt of your Dubai visa you will be able to open a bank account, register for electricity and water and generally settle into your new life.

A Dubai visa for visitors

UK residents are entitled to a 60-day visitor Dubai visa, which they can obtain free on arrival in the city. This can be renewed for a further 30 days for a fee of around 85. Residents of a further 33 "privileged countries", including the United States, Germany and Australia, can obtain a one-month non-renewable Dubai visa on arrival, costing in the region of 15-20.

Dubai visa for those buying a Dubai home

Those planning on moving to Dubai must obtain a Dubai visa for residence. Buying property in Dubai entitles you, and your immediate family, to residence visas in accordance with the latest immigration regulations. If you have already secured employment before moving to Dubai your employer should take care of the process of acquiring a work permit and Dubai visa.

Family visas are only available to those earning more than Dhs 4000 per month (approx 750).

Most visas are valid for three years, at which point it must be renewed if you are to be allowed to stay in Dubai.

Before being granted a residence visa, and establishing your Dubai home, all applicants are required to undergo a medical and obtain a health card, which must be renewed yearly.

Dubai visas for women moving to Dubai

Married men, who obtain a Dubai visa, may sponsor their wife and children for residency. However, a married woman cannot simply do the same if she wants her family to join her in her Dubai home. Women doctors, nurses and teachers are exceptions to this and are generally permitted to sponsor their families, allowing them the opportunity of moving to Dubai.

Costs of obtaining a Dubai visa

The only costs associated with a residence visa for moving to Dubai come from the cost of obtaining a health card (approx 56). A penalty charge of Dhs 25-100 (7-19) will be applied for every day a visitor overstays.

Before accepting a position in UAE and moving to Dubai, it is advisable to check that your employer will sponsor your Dubai visa. You should then establish whether you are able to sponsor your family for residency allowing them to join you in your Dubai home.