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Working in Dubai - the process of finding a job in Dubai

Job Opportunities Dubai

The unemployment rate of Dubai officially stands at 0% and, as such, there is an abundance of Dubai jobs to be found. Recent media coverage has tended to portray the city´s streets as being lined with gold but, whilst there are undoubtedly excellent opportunities, working in Dubai means long hours and hard work. However, finding a job in Dubai is far easier than in many other countries with greater potential rewards.

Am I allowed to be working in Dubai?

Yes, migrant workers from most areas of the world may take a job in Dubai and employers will usually organise a work permit and residency visa. Britons are automatically granted a 60-day visitor visa at the airport which allows them time to search for Dubai jobs.

Opportunities for working in Dubai

The majority of Dubai jobs to be found are in telecommunications, tourism, engineering, IT, media, property and financial services. After you find a job in Dubai and have settled in the Emirate you will find more and more opportunities present themselves.

As previously mentioned, working in Dubai means long hours with 12-hour days and six-day working weeks the norm. However, the salaries and other benefits can be very impressive and with property prices remaining reasonable and no income tax, working in Dubai is highly attractive.

How do I find out about Dubai jobs?

You can apply for Dubai jobs advertised in the trade press or on the Internet. The majority of those who begin working in Dubai do so through these means but networking is increasingly how most business is done in the city.

All major recruitment companies now have a base in Dubai and when looking for a job in Dubai there are various agencies and services to help you find work.

Do I need to speak Arabic to secure a job in Dubai?

Although Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is most definitely the language of business. It is very rare for international companies to demand an applicant for a Dubai job speak Arabic. However, anyone working in Dubai´s white-collar professions would be expected to speak English.

What if I lose my job in Dubai?

The system of social security for non-nationals is far from comprehensive. Foreigners working in Dubai have access to medical facilities but no unemployment benefit or similar benefits. If you lose your job in Dubai you are left in the situation where you must simply begin the process of hunting for Dubai jobs once again.