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Emigration, working and living in Dubai

Job Opportunities Dubai

Over 200,000 new arrivals are drawn to living in Dubai each year. Affordable house prices, high salaries and tax are among the reasons given for relocating to Dubai. This trend is set to continue over the next few years with more and more foreigners set to buy property in Dubai and begin a new life in the UAE.

Living in Dubai - finding employment

Most people relocating to Dubai are doing so because they have a job there. If you plan on living in Dubai it is always advisable to find work before moving. Finding work is not difficult in Dubai. The economy and city is continually expanding and, as a result, there is work available in most sectors.

As a non-national, you do not have the right to benefit payments if you become unemployed whilst in Dubai, so the only thing for it is to get right back in the saddle and applying for jobs again!

Living in Dubai - education, health and pensions

Healthcare in Dubai is excellent and information about entitlements, cover etc after relocating to Dubai can be found here. These are things you should endeavour to find out before moving to your new property in Dubai, particularly if you have any special medical requirements.

Make the most of your twilight years in your property in Dubai. Some retirees who bought property in Dubai came to regret it but there are ways to avoid the pitfalls that befell them. Let retiring to Dubai be your gift to yourself for all those years of hard work.

If you are moving with children then how much they get out of living in Dubai depends largely on how they adapt to attending a new and strange school. You should learn as much as you can about education in Dubai before committing to buying property in Dubai.

Living in Dubai - relocating to Dubai and getting connected

You are looking forward to retirement, your new job or starting that new business. What else do you need to know about relocating to Dubai? How to get there would be a start!

Access to water, gas and electricity is essential for everyday living in Dubai so you need to find out about the system of utilities. Before buying property in Dubai you should know how to get it connected once it is yours.

Do you need a visa for working and living in Dubai? You need to find this out if you are interested in buying property in Dubai.

Living in Dubai - business and tax

A large number of ex-pats living in Dubai have ambitions of starting their own business but, as with anywhere, buying a business in Dubai is something you should think carefully about before committing to.

And now, the bit all those looking at relocating to Dubai have been waiting for - there is no income or property tax in Dubai! Anyone looking to buy property in Dubai should rejoice at this news and it makes living in Dubai an even more attractive proposition.